March 21st, Carl releases a new single «Could you ever love me again».

Carl William’s show: One Voice... Music of Legends in Las Vegas is extended until April 8th.


November 22, Carl William releases two Singles.  One in French called: «Non je ne regrette rien» and one in

english called: «Make me an island».

November 5th, Premiere of: «One Voice... Music of Legends» in Las Vegas.

In October he’s leaving Montreal for Las Vegas for the rehearsals of his one man show: «One voice... Music of Legends» .

April 23rd to August 26th he sails to Europe into the Baltic.  It’ll be his last tour cruise.  Carl decides to take a break of this life at sea.

April 4th 2011 Carl William launches his newest CD… “Beyond the Sea.. Part THREE”...


April 4th 2011 Carl William launches his newest CD… “Beyond the Sea.. Part THREE”…

2010 - 2011

From October 2010 to Feb 2011, Carl William sets sail to the Western Caribbean and the Bahamas aboard Celebrity’s Mercury, for its last itinerary as a Celebrity cruiseship..


In August, he begins production on “Beyond the sea PART THREE; third in the 3 CD series.


In March, Carl William begins the production of  «Beyond the sea PART TWO», second in the 3 CD series.

May thru September he once again set sail, touring the inside passage of Alaska.


From May 19 to October 6, Carl began a cruise ship tour of Southern Alaska.

November 10, 2008 thru Feb 12th 2009, he changed lattitudes and began another successful ship tour, but this time he sailed the Caribbean.


Carl again signed up for another cruise ship tour; this time in the Maritimes, from May through June. 

Following a successful cruise ship tour; and to fulfill the many requests from his fans, Carl returned to the recording studio to work on his newest album «Beyond the sea PART ONE», the first in a series of 3 CD's designed exclusively for his tours around the world.  The album contains fifteen songs from his repertoire, specifically selected for his cruise ship audiences.

For a change of scenery and to hone his skills before a live audience, Carl began his first cruise ship tour throughout the Caribbean, from August 19, 2007 to January 5th 2008.


May 1st, Chantal Pary and Carl William dissolve their personal and professional relationship.  Carl set out to once again perform and record as a solo artist.


On June 10, Carl William and Chantal Pary launch «Deux Voix… Une Scène», their first live album; previously recorded at Montreal’s beautiful St-Denis Theater in May of 2003.

On September 4, Carl once again takes the stage at the St-Denis Theater, but this time he’s accompanied by his wife, performing as a duet. 


On May 18, Carl took the stage at the St-Denis II Theater, but this time, Chantal Pary joined Carl on stage for an unscheduled duet performance. 

To close out the end of a very successful year of performing, Carl recorded a Christmas Album with his wife, Chantal.

From Sept 18th to November 19th, Carl William and Chantal Pary began a whirlwind concert tour entertaining fans in 40+ cities throughout Quebec.

On October 20, their widely anticipated Christmas Album was finally released to record stores throughout Canada.

On December 7, Carl was invited to perform on the TQS television networks’ celebrated Annual Christmas show. 

More than one million viewers, were glued to their televisions, watch as this talented performer entertained.


With fans demanding to see more of Carl and Chantal, they added several large venues to their schedule, one being the prestigious Capitole Theater in Quebec City. More tour dates are added for the following year, 2003, to keep pace with fan requests.


Carl took time off in May this year to travel to Nashville TN to meet with Joe Allen, Neil Young’s bass player.  Joe was responsible for penning many hit songs.  He introduced Carl to the American show business elite to help further his career in the US.   After several weeks of introductions and meetings, Carl returned to Canada to resume his hectic tour schedule.

Carl flew to Nashville for a second time in July.  This time he recorded demos with well-known artists from Music City.  Carl had the great honor of recording with the legendary Jack Clement, who had recorded with Elvis on some of his first hits.  To make this event even more meaningful, he was directed by the legend himself.


The year was a busy one, again with a series of performances for the francophone communities within the US and in Quebec.  With his tour schedule coming to an end, Carl desired to expand the scope of his musical talents.  He set his sights on the country music capital of the world, Nashville.


In response to the public’s demand for more concerts from this high profile couple; they scheduled another series of duet performances at the request of the francophone communities in several American cities and Haitian communities throughout U.S.A.  Both tours closed as huge successes.


On February 14th, the most “talked about” couple in Quebec's show-business community launched a duet album on national television. Adding to the excitement of the evening, Carl proposed to Chantal, making headlines once again. They were married on December 13th  in Quebec.


Carl began this year with the opportunity to record his first duet album with the Canadian songstress, Chantal Pary…  A personal and professional partnership begins.


In September of this year while at his recording studio he was introduced to Canadian singer Chantal Pary. The two discuss a future recording project, as a duet.



In January, Carl was honored to be asked by fellow Canadian and composer, David Foster to record his song «La Source d’amour», the theme song for the July spectacle «International Year of the Family».   Once recorded, and by popular demand, it was played every morning on the TVA television network.  The song is the work of composer David Foster, with words by Laurence Matalon-Musy.

The month of June found Carl once again headlining shows at the St. Denis Theater in Montreal, to sold out audiences.

Carl’s tremendously successful recording of “La Source d’amour” earlier this year, warranted him an exclusive invitation to perform on Canada Day as the headline artist at the prestigious event “Spectacle en Hommage” for the “International Year of the Family”. This event was presided over by Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien.  Carl’s rendition of the song so impressed the Prime Minister, he personally congratulated Carl to the delight of the 150,000 people attending the event and the additional 3,500,000 enthralled television viewers.


In March, to follow up the success of his first album, he began recording a second album. 

In October, he began the filming of his video «Tu Prends Tout», a song from this second album entitled «Danse Dans mes Yeux».

On November 23rd, Carl William launched his critically acclaimed second album “Danse Dans mes Yeux” to the delight of his many fans.


April 28th, on the popular Canadian television show “De Bonne Humeur”, Carl launched the debut of his first album “Les Enchaînés”,  singing the title song, to a captivated television audience. His performance was such a tremendous success that within 24 hours of the show, 25,000 copies of his album were ordered and sold in Quebec record stores.  Despite his young age, Carl was now “the hottest commodity” on the Quebec music scene and his career shifted into over-drive.

In June, Carl announced a live performance at the St-Denis II Theater for the fall.  Due to the tremendous response in ticket sales, extras shows are added at the theater, to meet the demand of this new artist’s popularity..  Meanwhile, Carl was also shooting his first video, «Fou d’amour», the second song from his first album.

On October 13th, his album, Les Enchaînés was certified gold record in Toronto.  Later he was honored to learn he had been nominated for his album, in the category “pop album of the year” by the l’ADISQ, Canada’s top music association award show.

On November 26-27 and 28, Carl performed to sold out audiences on all three nights at the St-Denis Theater II in Montreal.  This was a great personal accomplishment for Carl, for he developed the shows’ concept in conjunction with director, Peter George who had directed Celine Dion’s shows.  Carl’s performances and intoxicating voice were compared to that of the late and famous French singer Mike Brant. 

Ending the year, Carl William toped the charts for 20 weeks on Radio-Activité, as one of the top 10 artists, for number of albums sold.  He was officially recognized as 7th in overall album sales in Quebec for the year 1992.


He became a dominant figure in a number of regional fundraising events in Quebec.  He aspired for greater success,  and decided to promote and develop his own shows to better his talents as an artist, while gaining more experience within the music industry.


In a span of 6 years, Carl who had already performed in more than 10 amateur singing contests,  was finding the whole “competing” concept exhausting and unchallenging.


At the young age of 9, Carl began his journey into the music world with his first singing lessons.


On March 19th Carl William was born, the first of 3 siblings.

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